Staying Safe on Winter Walks 

Now that the long, light Summer nights are slowly turning into darker, chilly Winter evenings, we have a few tips on how to stay safe on your Winter Walk. 

Be Seen.  

As the nights are getting darker, you will need to make sure you can be seen easily.  Reflective clothing such as a high viz vest or rechargeable LED lights are an essential bit of kit.  Don’t forget to light up your dogs too as they also need to be seen.  A head torch is also a good idea so you can see where you are walking.  Be aware of trip hazards you may not be able to see so easily in the daytime.  

Be Warm.

A good sturdy pair of waterproof walking boots, layers of warm clothes, a hat, gloves and a warm, waterproof jacket will stand you in good stead for a comfortable and dry walk.  Remember, you can always remove layers if you are too hot. 

Be Safe.

Have a fully charged mobile phone on you in case you need to contact anyone.  This can also double up as a handy torch light.  Always tell someone where you are going, and stay local to routes you know as the darkness can be disorientating.  Your mobile phone is also a hive of information, such as maps and a GPS tracker.  Check out the settings on your activity tracker or smart watch if you have one, a lot of them have live track functionality so you can be tracked wherever you are. I also recommend the what3words app. 

Be Together.

See if you have any walking groups in your local area.  It is safer in numbers.  If not, why not organise your own with family and friends.  Having a chat to a friend or loved one can be a really good mood boost and help you reconnect with one another. 

However you decide to spend your winter evenings, a brisk walk in the crisp air can help maintain good physical and mental health and make you feel fantastic.

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