May marks National Walking Month, and I thought a great way to celebrate is to talk about some of our favourite walking trails. Walking is one of the best ways to keep fit, and one of the most rewarding. It has super positive health benefits, both mentally and physically and most of all you get to see so many beautiful sights.

We thought we’d ask a few members of staff where their favourite walks are, and which ones we should do next! Comment and tag us in any social media posts on where we should go next - your pictures of said places would be even better!

Lucy: Living in the peak district, I am so lucky to have beautiful surroundings so close to home and I find myself getting out as much as I can for a walk (or on my bike) in the surrounding areas. My favourite walk is somewhere that’s close to home but still takes my breath away every time I see the view - Stanage Edge! Whenever I need to relax and clear my head, I take a long walk along here. The view is absolutely stunning and when I get to look over the whole valley, it really makes me feel so much better.

Charlie: Being from Bristol, I loved nothing more than going for a walk at Blaise Castle as a kid. The whole area is big, there’s a big playground (always great, even as an adult!!), a huge old house, a small castle and lots of wooded areas to go on walks in. I’ve not been a while, but last time I managed to go, I felt a different connection to it than I did as a child and just enjoyed being amongst the trees. It’s so hard to see how this is near central Bristol, as it truly feels amazing.

Sarah: One of my favourites, and it’s a classic with the kids, is to walk from Endcliffe Park in Sheffield to Forge Dam in Sheffield. I just love the way we can walk from an urban area through lots of wooded areas with streams and end up in what feels like the middle of nowhere in under 30 minutes! The cafe is gorgeous too and definitely used to entice the kids at the end! Along the way there’s a mill and lots of different paths to take to get to the same destination, so it never gets boring. 

Darcey: MEADOWHALL! Might as well be a walk it’s so big 😂😂

Let us know on our social media pages which ones are your fave walks!