Christmas is on its way, and fast, but not as fast as our Christmas launch next week!  Yep, that’s right - NEXT WEEK!!!

All of our Christmas items will be on sale from 27 October 2021.  Get that date in your diary now!  So whether you’re looking for something to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your perfect party wear or some seasonally snug items to lounge about in, we’ve got you covered this festive season.  

There will be one launch of leggings and bottoms only, and items will not be restocked.  

We have everything covered from Activewear to Little Lockets.  There will be 10 Christmas designs available in Activewear (full length, capri and shorts), Casualwear (full length, capri and shorts), Little Lockets, Loungewear and we will also have matching T-Shirts and Hoodies available in some of the designs as well. 

There has been some very excited chatter around HQ this week in preparation for the launch, and we all have our own favourites which will fit in with our Christmas traditions. 

Michelle is looking forward to volunteering at her local Christmas Parkrun, Louise will be walking the dog in her hoodie, Lucy is looking forward to watching Christmas films with Mama Locket in their matching loungewear and tees and Rachel is looking forward to visiting Santa while matching with her Little Locket.  

We can’t wait for you to join us on 27 October 2021 for this year’s launch.  See you there!