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Here’s more reasons why behind the designs written by Alex…. 


Who doesn’t love a leopard print!? This is one of my favorite designs. One of my first ever competitive skating dresses was a dip dyed dark to light blue, and this color and print does nothing but remind me of my younger Skating days!

Charcoal and aqua knit:
I wanted this design to remind you of a cozy winter kit that made you think of warm winter nights by a fire!

Catwalk and leopard ombré:
Again, my favorite leopard print but with a coloured gradient that makes you stand out!

Ice Queen:
I’ve always loved the symbols of an arrow. Sometimes you need to pull back in order to shoot forward! These details with the arrow pointing up reminds me of positivity and trusting the process to get to where you want to Be!

Twist and turn:
A more colorful shade of our ice queen, always reminding you that sometimes you pull the arrow back in life and it shoots forward!

Arctic camo and pastel print:
I love a camouflage print that makes you stand out from the crowd, but with an arctic, skater twist!

Swizzle and Pastel Patch:
This design has never been done before! I wanted to showcase traditional figure skating patch patterns in a beautiful print that would be discreet and only skaters would know their true meaning and how difficult those tracings are to complete!

Glider and walking the storm:
I thought this design would look stunning when skating or running or dancing. The way the color blocks move look incredible when you twirl!

Tony’s tootsies & Pretty Paws:
Obviously this design is so personal to me! They actually have my Tony’s puppy’s paws on them! Tony is so unique, with big huge paws and a fluffy face, so we wanted to remind you of your furry friends!

The most personalized piece of the collection. This tattoo was drawn for me years ago by my best friend. I wanted to have a tattoo to remind me of what I had been through. The first bit of the tattoo is my heartbeat before my stroke, followed by an open heart with a star for the Dutch “Stars Dancing On Ice”, and then my healed heartbeat after my stroke. To me it symbolizes recovery and trusting the process to get back to your true self. While the tattoo on my body is white and barely visible, we wanted to make this print loud and colorful so it is a beautiful rainbow color!