Today is Earth Day, a day we reflect on the ways in which we have an impact on our environment and the work we can do to better it for everyone.

I thought I'd just take the time to share some of the things we as a company do to reduce the impact we have on the environment

  • We have a range of recycled leggings, made from 75% recycled polyester; saving plastic from polluting the ocean and other spaces. Though they are made of recycled plastic, microplastics can still find their way into water systems, so we HIGHLY recommend using a washbag to catch any. We use Guppyfriend wash bags that can be found at this link 


  • Our legging bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, reducing the amount of waste from packaging. These are BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified and despite being compostable are super sturdy. However, they are only able to be composted industrially. This means you can't put these in your compost bin, but you can put in your food waste or garden waste bins. If your local authority do not have these, please check out this link for more information on what to do.


  • Our parcel bags are reusable for returns, as they have a second peelable strip to repackage them. They can also be recycled the same as other plastic bags at your local supermarket, or at the kerbside if your local authority allows it. This saves you money too, as no extra costs will be needed to buy return packaging!


  • We also offset our carbon footprint. In the last 12 months, we have offset 139.67 tonnes of CO2 by having 2113 trees planted in our name. You can track our progress here, where you can see how many and where all of our trees are planted! 

We understand these ultimately might be small compared to the impact we all have on the planet and we are constantly working behind the scenes to change and improve our environmental impact. We are far from perfect, but if we all work together; we can all make a difference. How can you make a difference on Earth Day?