Our loungewear is one of our most popular collections, they’re really comfy and are best used to kick back and relax in (I recommend a movie night with them - the BEST!). But one thing we get asked about is the drawstring; how do you adjust it to change the fit? In this post we’ll detail the best way to use the drawstring in your loungewear effectively to ensure maximum comfort!

On the inside of the loungewear, on the outer legs, you will find the drawstring tucked inside. They should arrive to you in an unaltered position, which will have the longest length. Here is a photo of how they will look unaltered and a photo on how to tie them using the drawstring inside the garment

Since the drawstring is on one side of the legs, it cannot be used to change the length entirely, just to create a ruched effect. This may provide a more comfortable fit or style, but since the drawstring is not on both sides of each leg it will not be completely lifted. This is how it should look in the photo below. Alternatively, you can tuck the drawstring in by looping it round the top of the area enclosing the drawstring.


With the string showing


With the string tucked in


This ruched effect is great for if you get a bit too warm in your loungewear, or if you plan on walking around in them, as it will shorten them enough for any longer bits of material from getting in the way.

The waistband, much like our casualwear, is elasticated and fits a variety of sizes. It is not adjustable by drawstring, so it won’t need adjustment because it will stay up as intended. If you have any questions regarding loungewear, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@lucylocketloves.com