Bath of beans anyone?  Nope - me neither!

Every year it becomes harder to fundraise.  We miss out on ballots and end up taking on charity places.  After the first year, doing just the actual event just isn’t enough.  In order to part with their hard earned cash, people want something in return, but what though?

The first year is easy.  Especially if you have a large workplace/Family and it’s your first, and unexpected, time.  You ask - they give!

Subsequent years however, it gets harder.  So you do raffles, tombolas, share your link, share it some more, and share it again.  It’s even harder if you’re self employed, or work from home - who then do you ask for the sponsorship?

Here are our Team’s suggestions for fundraising: -

  • Tombola
  • Raffle
  • Make hampers and auction them off
  • Football Cards
  • Bath in Beans 
  • Run, run and run again.  Sign up to races, run them, make it a huge mileage goal.
  • Cake Sales 

We are currently just over £2000 into our £11000 target.  Wish us luck!!