A question we get asked all the time is “How do I wear your multiuses?” and the answer is; there is no one way, it’s a very versatile item. In this small post, we’re going to show you some of the ways these can be worn; you might even discover a way to wear them you didn’t even know about! 

But first of all, what is a multiuse?

A multiuse is a seamless neck tube, composed of a lovely, light, breathable material which makes it super comfortable to wear. It’s known by different names, such as a buff, snood, multi-function scarf/headwear and many more. They are all the same product, but differ in name. 

“How do I wear them!?”, I hear you ask? Well there’s so many different ways. I can think of at least 12 off the top of my head. We've used our lovely new mannequin head, which I've named Jill!



This is great to use as a face covering it feels breathable, but effective, especially when out for a cold winter run, or going down a windy hill on a bike. Simply just put over your head, onto your neck and pull it up.


Perhaps the most obvious use for this product, but it’s super comfortable to wear as a scarf and despite the breathably thin material it manages to keep you warm in those winter months. Simply just leave around your neck to achieve this.


The multiuse can simply be wrapped around your wrist, for an effortless way to towel off after some intense exercising. It can also be put directly onto your head around the forehead instead, to instantly rid of sweat! It is best to turn inside out and fold halfway back, so the pattern is showing. You can either fold again, and place on your forehead or just place on your forehead from that shape.


It can be worn simply as a hood, a good way to keep warm and keep your hair out of the way for any form of exercise, but also to keep your ears warm! To achieve this, simply wear round your neck and pull the material up from the back of your neck over your head.


This style is great for when it’s freezing cold, and fits comfortably underneath helmets, making it perfect for bike rides, or other intense exercising in cold months. Follow the steps from the hood method, but then take excess from the front of your neck and tuck upwards toward your face to cover your nose and mouth.


Another great way to wear your multiuse is as a bandana. It helps to keep your hair out of the way during your daily jog, and looks stylish whilst doing so! Turn your multiuse inside out and with both hands inside holding the opposite ends, put into a loose knot. Adjust one of the two ends to the size of your head and place onto your head.


Much like the bandana style, it helps to keep your hair out of the way, but the added length at the back prevents any sunburn on your neck; making it great for summer hikes or days at the beach! Simply turn the multiuse inside out and place onto your head. Untuck some of the material from the front around your head and leave the excess at the back to cover the back of your neck.

Another simple, but effective use of our multiuse is as a hair tie, simply scrunch up, and tie round your hair as you would with a normal hair tie! 

When tied in a certain way, it can be used as a skull cap, a nice way to tuck in your hair before putting a helmet on for sporting use. Turn the multiuse inside out and put round your head. Pull up the material from one end, twist loosely once and pull down over the material on your head. Adjust accordingly.


Alternatively, you can tie a knot on the outside to make a cute bobble hat! Just put round your neck as normal, pull up to the top of your head, pull one end out and tie into a bobble and adjust the other end around your head.snood-hairband

This is super useful for when it’s windy, it helps to keep your hair from flying around in your face! But it also makes a fashionable piece for your hair!

Yaaarrrrrr, another super quick and effective way of wearing multiuses - simply put on your head and knot at the back. Since it is single-layer, this is great for when it is hot for keeping cool.

Another tip that can be applied for any of these styles is to soak the multiuse in cold water and ring out before shaping it to whichever style. This will provide extra cooling for those days when it’s too hot!

Are there any more ways you know about wearing them? These are just a few of the ones I could think of, but we’ve even seen some used as a cute way to accessorise their furry friends!

Submit your photos to our customer photos page, trying out these different styles or any other styles you can think of! We hope you get some inspiration on how to use this product in all the different ways you can!