Stormy Night Leggings

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Our new athleisure / casualwear collection:

- Perfect for lounging about at home

- Those afternoons walks with the dogs.

- Heading to playgroup and playing with your little monsters.

- For pyjamas.

- Paired with your favourite dress or tee



🧡Also suitable for exercise depending on how you like your waistband - but you will still have our fabulous activewear range for that too!!🧡

These are the same new fabric as our current activewear collection although they DO NOT have a pocket or super high elasticed waistband.. if you need those things shop our activewear! 

These are amazing and come in two sizes which may make some of your nervous but we’ve done our homework and there is no need to be:

Size 1 - 8-14

Size 2 - 14-18

Some styles are only available in size one and others only in size 2 and vice versa - this is because this a new project for us and we are seeing how it goes.