We are a family-run leisure and fitness brand based in Yorkshire. We have a big passion for funky designs, fitness and the power of positive thinking! 

How did it all begin...

Believe it or not, Lucy Locket never set out to start a clothing brand. Until 2017 Lucy was a personal trainer when an unfortunate sports injury left her unable to work full-time training clients. 

Whilst at home nursing her injury, Lucy was packing away many of her fitness clothing when she realised all the designs were quite bland and lacking an upbeat style.

It was then that she realised, she wanted to produce garments which catered to not only her sense of style but also her positive outlook on life. 

Lucy tells it like this:

"The back injury was very frustrating. I knew I couldn't carry on training people, because as any doctor will tell you, trying to deadlift anything with a back injury is a very bad idea..." 

We believe in transparency!

Across our social media channels, we document our day-to-day lives and the running of the business to give followers, customers and fans a transparent insight into how we operate. 


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