Knickers Sizing Advice

Our Locket Knickers are made from 

92% Polyester & 8% Spandex to help provide a good amount of stretch when wearing them - much like our range of casualwear. 

If you wear a Size 1 in our casualwear range, we recommend a size Small or Medium in the knickers; depending on how you like your fit. Here's a comparison against our casualwear for reference.


If you wear a Size 2 in our casualwear, a Large or XL in our Knickers would be a great fit for you, again depending if you would like it slightly tighter or looser fitting

In our size 3, we would recommend a 2XL, however, an XL may also provide a more snug fit if that is how you like your underwear to feel. Here's a comparison for reference.


We hope this helps to make things clearer for what size is best for you. They are incredibly comfortable and are generous with space due to the materials used, so don't fret about how they appear! We hope you love them as much as we do!