Who is Lucy Locket?

Sheffield’s own Lucy Arnold, 28, is the creative mind behind loud-and-proud activewear brand Lucy Locket Loves. Lucy splits her week between her family-run office in Sheffield and home in the idyllic Peak District looking after her rabbits, Spyro and Pika with long-time partner Mr L.

She is a former personal trainer who is regularly to the press talking about women’s health fitness industry and championing mental health. Lucy is on a mission to encourage women to find comfort with their body image and reflect the representative face of fitness in the UK.

Why I started Lucy Locket Loves

I did not set out to start a clothing brand. After a back injury put a sudden end to my career as a personal trainer, I spent months in recovery trying to decide what I should do next. Whilst looking online for premium leggings with loud patterns I struggled to find what I wanted.

The fitness industry is still pushing the wrong idea of what fitness is. The bulk of models used by the big industry players are not representative of women in gym classes across the UK. With Lucy Locket Loves I to represent the true face of fitness in the UK; brilliant people of all shapes and sizes, supporting each other.

The Locket Community

I hear the word “tribe” very often and it feels too exclusive. I want to be inclusive, so I started a community. I want our garments to be available to all not just an elitist clique in London. Our community, the Lockets, is for everyone.

Our Facebook group The Lucy Locket Loves Club is several-thousand strong and you will find the members offering help, advice and support to each other.

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