Why taking a bath can improve your mental health

Why taking a bath can improve your mental health

Why taking a bath can improve your mental health

If you are feeling down, the best thing to do might be to reach for the rubber duck and grab some much-needed bath time. According to a study published in New Scientist magazine, taking regular afternoon baths can profoundly increase your mood and aid your mental health!

In the study, researchers at the University of Freiburg in Germany assigned 45 people with depression to either soak in 40C water for up to 30 minutes and then wrap themselves in blankets and hot water bottles for a further 20 minutes, or take 40 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a week.

Eight weeks later, those taking regular warm baths in the afternoon scored six points lower on a commonly used depression scale, while the exercise group scored three points lower on average.

Tips for a better bath time

Pick the right time - make sure to pick a time when you are going to have the fewest distractions. Try and find the time when you will have optimal peace and quiet.

Try a few drops of essential oils - one of the most sworn by essential oils for relaxation is lavender thought it's not to everyones taste. I love lavender oil and it's relatively cheap online. You only need a few drops!

Make sure you get the right temperate - Your bath should only be a little hotter than regular body temperature. You body usually sites around 37.5C so make sure your bath is between 40C - 45C. 

Keep your phone away from you - try to ke ep distractions away from yourself. Although it's more tempting than ever given most phones are water-resistant, try to keep your phone in another room so you are not distracted by it!