Hi and welcome to our first December blog!
We have had such an amazing week. It started by hitting 100000 orders! Can you believe that?! 2 years ago Lucy was still packing orders in her living room while being a PT!
Special shout outs this week to one of our members of the club group, Anna Kett who celebrated her birthday this week. Happy birthday to our other lockets who have celebrated and have upcoming birthdays.
There have been a lot of sneak peaks recently of the upcoming designs for 2020. Have you spotted any that you want on your wish list? 
Both myself and Rachel are now full time lockets which is amazing. We both started following Lucy Locket Loves in 2017 and it's a running joke that we both just wanted a free hairband. 2 years on and we have gone from not knowing each other, to being besties and working together.
2019 has been an amazing year, lets hope that 2020 is going to be another amazing year all round.
Louise and Rachel xxx