Things we're looking forward to in 2019 - Pop music, football, marathons and TV.

Things we're looking forward to in 2019 - Pop music, football, marathons and TV.

Things we're looking forward to in 2019 - Pop music, football, marathons and TV.

2018 is over and what a great year we hope it has been for you. The excitement for 2019 is already building and we've handpicked some stand-out events we are looking forward to in the coming year. 

It's going to be a big year for women's sports, cinema, music and too many other things to mention. We hope you have some great things for 2019 lined up and that our recommendations will make it even better!

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup


It might be coming home after all. Women's football seems to be making waves in the sporting world and we'll certainly be cheering on England next summer.

The 2019 Women's World Cup will be held in France from 7th June to 7th July. England are competing along with 24 other national teams from across the globe. 

The Crown

A personal favourite of mine. Netflix's drama series depicting the like of the Queen is absolutely fantastic. The third season is being released on Netflix next year and I simply cannot wait. 

The third season will see Claire Foy leaving, making way for Olivia Coleman to show to move the story along with an older, more mature monarch! Of all the great dramas on Netflix I cannot recommend this enough. 

The Spice Girls Tour


Their first performance since the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and ticket website crashing under the heavy-strain of "Girl Power" superstars. United Jack dresses are going to make a massive comeback next May I'm sure. 

Fish out your Spiceworld CD and see how loud you can sing Spice Up Your Life without upsetting your neighbours and close family. 

Race for Life 2019

Get your running shoes and your leggings ready. Another year means another year of marathons ahead to go out and smash. Race for Life has a range of events from 5K to 10K and their "pretty muddy" ones too! 

Cancer Research UK is a great cause and I'm sure it's close to many of your hearts. Find some family and friends to go to an event with!

Captain Marvel


A film to look out for is Captain Marvel which might buck the trend of Marvel female superhero flops with this epic action adventure. Out in March 2019, finally we're going to see a major Marvel blockbuster with a female lead. 

It makes a welcome change from the last twenty or so Marvel films with a male lead which have now started to merge into one film in my head. 


What things are you looking forward to in 2019? What things have we missed that we should be excited for? Please let us know on our Facebook page.