The Best Fitness Classes for a strong core and flat abs. 

The search for a strong core, and abs of steel is a search many of us have embarked upon in our lives.  But has anyone actually stumbled upon the quick, easy fix for it?  Short answer is no.  A strong core and flat abs are within reach, with some hard work, dedication and consistency. 

Here are our favourite workouts to help you get the strength you desire. 


Pilates is a great all round workout.  It consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates helps your posture alignment, core strength and muscle balance.  Pilates can be tailored towards runners, swimmers or as an all round workout alongside your usual cardio routine.  

Cross Fit 

Cross fit is suitable from beginner to advanced and can be adapted to any situation and need.  Cross Fit has the benefit of being adaptable and ever changing so you are not stuck doing the same routine day in, day out.  You’re less likely to get bored and more likely to keep it up.  Most Cross Fit plans will also help with nutrition and diet to fit in with your lifestyle and goals. 

Local Classes 

Check out your local classes to see what they offer.  A lot of places offer “Bums and Tums” classes or classes that focus solely on core fitness.  The benefit of joining a class is having an experienced instructor to keep an eye on your form and help modify as necessary whether it be making a move easier or harder.  

Whichever class you decide on, our top tip is HAVE FUN!  You are more likely to stick to a class if you enjoy it.