1. Why sports bras are better? (as in compared to regular bras for exercise)


Sports bras are an essential bit of kit for exercise.  They are designed to reduce movement.  Exercise causes repetitive movement which can result in soreness, sagging and injury if not properly restrained.  


  1. Can a sports bra help combat/ protect against sagging breasts?


Yes - your breasts are held up by the Cooper's ligament and skin only.  Repetitive movement can cause sagging.  This can be helped in a way by restraining your breasts in an appropriate bra.  


  1. How to choose a sports bra for big busts? 


If you have larger breasts, they move more and can move up to 15cm in each direction when exercising.  You should opt for a high support, higher impact bra as your breasts will naturally move more.  


  1. Is it ok to wear a sports bra all the time? Can sports bras damage your breasts?


There is no need to wear a sports bra all of the time.  They are generally tighter and firmer than a regular bra and can be less comfortable and leave you more prone to skin irritations.  From a fashion point of view, they are also usually racer back which is not necessarily good for dresses and vests.