Running is a mental battle with yourself.  

Some days I can go out and smash out a 10k in an hour and love every minute of it, others I’m doing a 40 minute 5k and hating every step!  Some days my head is not in it. Just remember, you need to have the “bad runs” to appreciate the good. 

I am totally aware that a 40 minute 5k is someone great run, is a PB for someone, and appreciate that everyone is different and we all have our own goals.  

The first time I ran was home from the school run.  It was just over a mile and took me longer than it usually would walking.  I have no idea how this happened and to this day still giggle about it with the family.  

I then downloaded the Couch to 5k app.  If you haven’t already got this - get it, get it now!  The hilarious Sarah Milligan tells you when to run and when to walk.  Before you know it, you’re running a 5k.  

Everyone has a different reason for running.  Some people prefer roads, some trails and some treadmills.  

However you do it, keep at it.  

Here are some of our runner’s top tips: 

  • Invest in the right pair of running shoes.  Going for a gait analysis can also help.
    • Go for distance rather than time - slow it down, be patient, and don't worry about your pace.  Take walking breaks if needed.
    • Cross train.  Mis it up a bit.  It will keep you fresh and interested. 
    • But the right clothes.  Dress for the weather.  
    • No matter how fast you are - remember you are a RUNNER!!!!!!