Plus Size Clothing Comments for Metro

Plus Size Clothing Comments for Metro

Plus Size Clothing Comments for Metro

To be honest when I was asked for comment on this article I was nervous. I know there has been a lot of arguments recently on the subject and I even had to walk on BBC Radio Wales after a very shouty heated debate where nobody could understand what the other person was saying, so in turn it made me more nervous. I know what I want to say and it gets me so frustrated that big brands don’t follow suit and then I look stupid as I’m the little independent.

But in turn I also wanted to comment because for me I feel it’s important that everybody feels inclusive, you can read the article below and my comments are about midway through. As you all know I’ve been wanting to venture up to a size 26 for a while now, the problem is time, money and resources for me but I am still trying to do it as soon as possible.

The last question on the article is,

Is it unfair to expect a business – especially smaller, independent ones – to channel money into a line that costs them more to produce, and may/may not bring them much in return, profit-wise?

And I say NO WAY! Why do people stop wanting to buy or wear clothes when you reach a certain size? Comments like this get me frustrated. I’ve said it before – when does somebody stop being a size and start being a plus?

My size 4 leggings will be the same price as a size 26 leggings. If I can encourage just a handful of people to workout because they have activewear that fits them right then I’ve done my job right, small independent business or not. And actually when it comes to bringing them me much in return, my size 18-20 is actually my top 3 most quickly sold out size.

The return I get isn’t just about money, it’s about the messages you guys send me from your couch to 5k to your marathon. It’s about the pictures, it’s about community and most of all it’s about seeing you happy with my products.

Like any brand I have work to do, but I am 9 months old and I need to not beat myself up with what I haven’t done and concentrate on what I have.

What are your comments? Thoughts? Inspire me? Inspire each other……