Lucy speaks about technology in modern life for Asda Good Living magazine

Lucy speaks about technology in modern life for Asda Good Living magazine

Lucy speaks about technology in modern life for Asda Good Living magazine

Recently Lucy went down to London to speak to Asda Good Living magazine about the impact of technology on health. Also, finding a healthy life/technology balance, along with three other people of different ages and occupations. 

How would you describe your relationship with technology?

I'm always on my phone. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night. It's my lifeline for my business. We live in an era where we spend more time on our phones than talking face to face.

Has tech changed in your lifetime?

When I was 14, we got dial-up internet and I'd chat to friends on MSN Messenger. Now, my entire house is connected to technology. I have Hue smart lights, Alexa to turn them on and off, and a Sonos system so my music can follow me from room to room.

What about kids and tech?

I worry about my friends' young children. What kind of society are they growing up in? Nine-year-olds have iPhones. It's terrifying.

What's the first piece of technology you were really excited about?

I had a pink iPod Nano, one of the first iPods. My mum got my brother and me one and I thought, 'I can carry all of my music around!'

What are the positives of social media?

Without technology, I wouldn't have built the business I have. Also, I met my partner online - even before the days of Tinder. That's changed my life for the better. 

And what about the negative aspects?

I've been subjected to abuse. Recently, I was called 'fat' and 'ugly' in a comment on a post I'd written about body empowerment. I've been in tears and wonder why I let someone else's words affect me and my mental health. At times, I've had to take a break from it. Last year, I was struggling with bad skin and some of the comments hit me hard, as I was already self-conscious about it. It's part of the industry I'm in, but I shouldn't have to get used to it. 

Any tech you can't live without?

I need my phone for work. Also, my other half lives away Monday to Friday, so we FaceTime. I'd sworn off having a Kindle but now I think they are amazing - I read 18 books on trip to Mexico. It saves so much space and I can download them wherever I am.

What is your average screen time?

Seven-and-a-half hours on my phone. I use it for work - then I go home and use it a lot... And that's not including time spent on my Mac.

Have you ever done a digital detox?

I couldn't do it. My lowest screen time in one day is about four-and-a-half hours.

What do you make of influencers and the blogging/vlogging movement?

Blogging has changed a lot. People used to start one because they enjoyed writing, but now a lot of them are just in it for the money, or cheat by buying followers. They're paid to influence your decisions, which is scary; it's just a new way of advertising. That's what I have being called an influencer. 

Does technology have the power to change the world for the better?

It can do brilliant things, like bringing people together. There are 8,000 in my Facebook group and it's full of people empowering, uplifting and congratulating each other, with no negativity. That's what I want social media to be used for. Whether it's helping someone who is deal with adult acne or struggling with their weight, I'd like more people to use it as a platform to be positive.

Any outdated tech you miss?

My parter and I used to love browsing the DVDs in Blockbuster on a Friday night - I really miss that. When the store shut down, I was gutted. Now we sit at home and sometimes there's so much to stream on Netflix, we can't be bothered to pick anything. I'll just do something else because I can't deal with having to make a decision.