Lucy speaks about 'millennial burnout' on BBC Business Daily show

Lucy speaks about 'millennial burnout' on BBC Business Daily show

Lucy speaks about 'millennial burnout' on BBC Business Daily show

Recently Lucy was interviewed by the BBC for the Business Daily show on BBC World Service about 'millennial burnout', following a BBC Three feature on the subject frequently. 

Below is the excerpt from the BBC Three feature:

I’m a personal trainer and I also run an activewear clothes brand on the side. I’m doing a lot, and it means I really suffer with millennial burnout. One of the key symptoms for me is the never-ending guilt I feel when I’m trying to relax. I feel like I should be working constantly and that I’m actively failing in life whenever I try to have some respite. This has led to me waking up in the middle of the night to reply to emails and messages on social media.

I first started behaving like this several years ago and it’s gradually become worse over time. At first, I still had the ability to put my phone down without any guilt, but now it’s a real struggle for me to avoid engaging with online media. This has built up and up, and I think it’s affected my mental health. I’m a lot more stressed, and it’s impacted my ability to deal with normal things like making decisions or retaining information.

My family help with my business, and they’ve all noticed my burnout. I go to the office less frequently, and I become overwhelmed really easily. My mum has even said that spending too much time online has ‘fried’ my brain. That’s why I’ve started trying to spend at least a couple of hours a day without my phone or laptop to get a break from screen time (if only to remind myself that the world isn’t going to disappear just because I haven’t checked my notifications for 20 minutes). Now, I plan to slowly increase the time I spend offline.

Read the full feature online here, or listen to the Business Daily show on the BBC Sound.