Lucy Locket Loves named Pitman Training's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Lucy Locket Loves named Pitman Training's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Lucy Locket Loves named Pitman Training's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

From an early age Lucy had an entrepreneurial streak. At 14 she used to make earrings, selling them to her friends. At 17 she would trawl through charity shops and eBay for gems. Since then, she has had 3 successful businesses which have led her to where she is today.

One of the businesses she operated was a paint your own pottery shop. At this time, she had dreams of becoming a personal trainer so in 2016, she sold that business and set out to pursue her career in fitness. Through hard work and dedication, she became a fully qualified personal trainer and opened her own training studio. In 2017, Lucy suffered a back injury which meant she was unable to work full-time training her clients. At this point, Lucy formulated the idea of designing and selling her own gym clothes.

In 2017, Lucy co-founded her current business, Lucy Locket Loves. Lucy Locket Loves is a fitness clothing brand that is fun, stylish and eye-catching, whilst also being comfortable, affordable and accessible.

Now, 20 months down the line, Lucy Locket Loves is a profitable business with 6 staff and a growing customer base. The transformation has been swift and Lucy is rightly proud of her accomplishments, recalling a standout moment of emotion and pride of seeing someone out on a run and wearing a pair of her leggings. She has amassed a large, loyal social media following, where she shares her personal and business journey. These platforms are something she says keeps her motivated and helps her through the good and bad days. She engages personally with her followers about the business and documents her journey through anxiety and stress, along with her experiences of being the owner of a rapidly expanding business. In turn, her online community share how much her openness helps them, and that transparency has built a genuine connection with her customers.

Alongside her own entrepreneurial spirit, Lucy says that her Mum is the one person who inspires and motivates her, saying "she brought up two kids on her own, paid her bills, her mortgage and worked 3 jobs and we had an amazing childhood. If she can do that she must be superwoman and a badass! She is my best friend and the funniest person I know."

When asked why she would like to win this SuperAchievers award, Lucy said "The last 20 months have been a whirlwind and I am beyond blessed for how it's all panned out. I really struggle to recognise my own achievements and I think winning something like this might help build my business confidence and remind me that I have built something great." She continued, "I have not only built a profitable business, but a community where women feel safe and included and that's better than the pay cheque."

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