We want to know what you love most about our leggings!

We want to know what you love most about our leggings!

We want to know what you love most about our leggings!

If you're a customer of Lucy Locket Loves we want to know what you love most about our leggings? It could be the designs, style, sizing or something as silly as loving the posts that Mama Locket does on Facebook!


Do you love Lucy Locket Loves?

We are aiming to put together a video of Lockets from all corners of the UK telling us what they love most about Lucy Locket Loves. Please record a selfie video, holding the phone landscape and send it to us. 

The video will be roughly 60-90 seconds (total for all submissions), starting with "I love my Lucy Locket Loves because..." followed by your video testimonials. Your video should aim to be only a few seconds long - short and sweet!

Give your reasons, whatever they are. Try and make sure your videos are clear, in a well lit area with minimal background noise. 


How you can get involved, steps below:


Horizontal videos only, please

1) Get your phone horizontal in "selfie" mode (i.e. camera pointing at you).

2) Make sure the location you're in is well lit and has minimal background noise so we can clearly hear what you say.

3) Start your video with "I love my Lucy Locket Loves because..." then give your reason(s) why. Please ensure your video is as short as possible, only a few seconds long.

4) Send the video by email attachment* to gareth@lucylocketloves.com with the subject "VIDEO: Why I love Lucy Locket Loves"


The legal bit...

By sending us this video, you are agreeing for your video to be used in our marketing and promotional materials (i.e. promotional video on Facebook) both online and offline in perpetuity. Due to the length of the video, not everyones submissions may be used in the first video, though we reserve the right to use them in future. 

Please do not send us a video if you do not wish for your video to be broadcast online. If you send a video but decide you do not want it to be used, please email us within 24 hours of your submission and we will delete it. 

*Please note: try and make the videos as short as possible as video files can be quite big filesizes



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