Dispatch Update

Dispatch Update

Dispatch Update

This morning we hit 5000 orders now on the system to dispatch🤪 Thank you so much for the crazy amount of support at this very difficult time.

I had a chat with our Royal Mail account manager last week to arrange starting up collections again so I could start slowly shipping your orders as a one man band.

Today we’ve had confirmation that the earliest that collection can start again is Tuesday 5th May.
(We are unable to drop at our local post office as it is such a small village one. The nearest drop off point is an hour round trip for me on country roads)

This means I will start shipping the backlog of orders from the 5th May. ✉️ ✉️

Please be aware they WILL NOT be shipping in numerological order as some items on preorder are still in boxes in the warehouses and need to be sorted out. So they will be being shipped in the most efficient way from myself at HQ!

After all orders that CAN BE shipped are done (the ones where items aren’t in boxes) then I will be unpacking boxes and shipping preorders. Please give us plenty of time as the circumstances are new and even though I have a master plan it will take time. So please don’t contact support if you haven’t had your shipping confirmation straight away - also even though they will be on a 48 Tracked Service this COULD take up to 10 days depending on staffing in your area.

It’s possible there maybe a skeleton team of staff alongside me but we will be working to government regulations to make it as safe for us all.

This may be time consuming but we will get through it all in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Thank you so much for all your orders and support whilst we have been closed. I’m having to make a lot of difficult decisions as a company owner and a boss but I know your all 100% behind us and my staff are too!!

Huge love. Lucy & The Team xoxo

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