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Where can I find my order reference number?

I have placed separate orders in one day, can I combine my shipping cost?

I have not inputted my discount code at checkout, can you refund the difference?

Will I receive a free gift with every order?

Can I exchange my free gift?


How long will my order take to arrive?

My order has not arrived, what should I do?

How much is shipping?

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The item I want isn't in stock, what can I do?

Can you reserve a pair for me?


Why aren't the leggings available in my size?

Do you have a sizing chart?


How do I leave a note for the Lockets?


I'm not happy with my order, can I return or exchange?

How long do refunds and exchanges take?

My items are faulty, what should I do?

Why can some products not be returned?


How do I wash my leggings?

Can I still buy "preloved" leggings?

The product I have received looks different in colour to the website